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Bye Bye Sweater Fuzz

It’s the middle of February and every year the same thing happens, sweaters start to get fuzz pills.  Those pesky little balls of fuzz under the arm sections are absolutely the worst.  It drives INNER CIRCLE DIRECT crazy!  ICD loves our sweaters, but after just a few wears, we hate it when they start to look like they are several years old and weren’t cared for properly.  ICD has tried so many ways to get rid of the fuzz pills.  ICD also asked our home town dry cleaner about this irksome problem, but they ended up charging more to de-pill than was actually spent on the sweater that ICD brought in to them!  Crazy or not, an attempt was even made trying to shave the fuzz with a disposable razor!  NOT A GOOD IDEA as you can probably guess the outcome… ripped a big hole in it .  UGH!  ICD‘s sweater pill problem seemed hopeless until   was discovered.  Now, all our sweater fuzz woes are history.  It works great and really gets the job done!  It’s even fun to use. If you’ve gotten to the point of needing a pill because of the headache of sweater pills, you’re sure to love the Gleener The Ultimate Fuzz Remover as much as ICD does. 

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