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You’ve heard of a wristband, a rubber band, a wedding band, bands on the run and Band of Brothers, but have you heard about BANDI?

INNER CIRCLE Direct  fell  instantly  in  love  with  BANDI  belts  —  with  the  Graffiti  belt  as our  favorite  design  —  for  a  couple  of  big  reasons.   The  first  one  comes  from  less  than  fond  memories  of  standing  out  as  a  goofy  tourist  because  we  were wearing  one  of those  belly  bags  as  a  substitute  for  a  handbag  while  on  vacation.  The  second  is  that it  fits  the  bill  when  we  want  to  travel  light.  Not  only  is  this  a  pretty  fashion  accessory,  it  provides  a  great  way  to  take  our  belongings  with  us  on  a  walk  or  a  run.   ICD  can  speak  from  personal  experience  on  how  important  this  is!  Because  years  ago,  before  going  for  a  stroll  with  a  friend,  an  unwise   decision  was  made  that  it  would  be  more  convenient  to  place  our  handbags  in  the  trunk  of  our  car.   The nightmare  we  found  upon  our  return,  was  that  both  handbags  had  been  stolen!   Take  it  from  ICD,  look  beautiful  and  keep  your  licence,   phone,  credit  cards,  passport  and  keys  close  by  with  BANDI Wear.   You’ll  have  people  stopping  you  to  ask,  “where  did  you  get  that?   And  you’ll  be  able  to  tell  them:  “INNER CIRCLE Direct!”

Happy Shopping! 

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