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Keeping your dog healthy and hydrated

An INNER CIRCLE DIRECT team member has an adorable little dog named Bella who joins us in our offices daily.  She is a wonderful dog whose only request is that you cuddle her once in a while and toss a ball her way.  She has become ICD‘s unofficial mascot.

Bella has not been feeling well as of late. The poor puppy  has had some intestinal issues which, needless to say, really stinks for everyone involved (no pun intended).  The vet concluded that Bella had likely picked up some bacteria from drinking dirty water or from eating something bad outdoors.  All of ICD felt terrible and her owner felt like she had let her down.  ICD realizes that pet owners know  their pet(s)’ water should be refreshed throughout the day to keep it fresh and clean, especially if he/she is outside.  Her owner was embarrassed to admit that had slacked off a little in that department.

Now that Bella is feeling better, her “Mom” knows she has to be better prepared to prevent this from happening again.  The only problem is  Bella’s metal water bowl is too bulky and won’t fit easily into a handbag.  An initial effort was made by having her sip from a water bottle, but that was messy and wasteful.

Then, ICD did some research and we’re happy to say, we found an easy solution that will work for both Bella and her owner.  Check out these awesome Fold Up Dog Bowls. They come with are carry pouch, are light weight, fitting perfectly into a handbag, and are machine washable.   If you are searching for the perfect must-have accessory to keep your dog hydrated and healthy, get yourself the Harry Barker  Fold Up Dog Bowls .  Even the men in your life won’t be mind taking one along with them because they can easily be carried in their back pocket.  These and many great items can be found on www.innercircledirect.com where you, too, can get access to buying one of these for your own “family member”.bip_bow_tie_henry_web-450x450 

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