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Making Number Two Number One

A British woman has been seen on television lately saying she wants to talk about bums, well Inner Circle Direct would like to go the next step by bringing you a solution to what could be an embarrassing situation.

Ever have to “go” when there’s only been one bathroom that others may have to use after you?  Poo-pourri is just the trick to return the room into a pleasant smelling one.  ICD loves the idea that no one will know what went on behind closed doors.  We also like that it is compact enough to carry in handbags, in the pocket of men’s suit jackets, in back pockets, anywhere you go! This number two relief has been a number one crowd pleaser at trade shows since its debut. Now  ICD is making this available to you through our website. Poo-pourri is a product ICD says doo doo doo get for everyone in your household! 

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