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Smart Pajamas once meant something so different.


FOX News aired a piece tonight on introducing kids to a rotary phone. They wanted to see if the children would know what it was and how to use it. Not one of them knew how to work it. The funny thing is, it wasn’t that long ago when the rotary phone was in almost every household in the world. It was the resource for telecommunication. The reason INNER CIRCLE DIRECT brings this up is that it is amazing that,  in such a short time, our world of technology has changed so drastically.  ICD came across a product today that TAKES THE CAKE! Just like any other day, ICD was searching the internet for unique items to add to our collection on our site when we found these AWESOME pajamas. They are called  Smart PJS. Okay, ready, WAIT FOR IT…. “They are the world’s first and only interactive Pajamas!”  That’s right, who would have thought that the world would have has such a thing as Interactive Pajamas?  All you do is scan one of the multiple patterns on these Smart PJ‘s with your smart phone or tablet and you reveal a different children’s bedtime story!  How cool is that?!  Wow, have times changed!  ICD applauds Smart PJs for coming up with something that brings a whole new meaning to wearing clothes! 

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