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You hoo… it’s loohoo!

Wondering why INNER CIRCLE DIRECT posted a shot showing a basket of what looks to be snowballs in less than 50 shades of grey and cleanliness? Fear not, ICD is not bringing back the winter — even though the weather gods seem intent on trying to in many parts of the country — these are simply  loohoo’s wool dryer balls!  After the discovery was made  about the harmful chemicals that are in dryer sheets and the negative impact they can have on clothes and on your dryer, loohoo (formerly Wooly Rounds) decided to come up with a more natural, healthy alternative.

What INNER CIRCLE DIRECT also liked about these fun, baseball-sized wool dryer balls is that they provide a sustainable alternative to regular dryer sheets that will help protect your family’s health and help to reduce our impact on the environment.  Bully for you, loohoo!  Or should we say Bally for You?!  If only more companies like you would come up with more chemical free, helpful and cool products!    

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