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Get Lit at Your Next Party!

One of INNER CIRCLE Direct‘s most ardent followers has asked if we could find a product she’d seen and wanted but wasn’t able to find for an upcoming pool party she was having for her movie lovers’ group called the Flik Chicks.

ICD to the rescue!

This is another of INNER CIRCLE Direct‘s functions is to find that unique product you know exists but just can’t get your hands on. In this case, our member wanted light-up ice cubes to help identify beverages she would be serving.  What a great idea!  And you know how ICD likes great ideas.

ICD found a few companies who produce these kinds of products, some international, some domestic. We also did some price comparisons and here’s what we found. If you’re having a party, Only Cubes has the best price for the largest assortment and overall quantity in what they call their Party Pack. ICD would recommend this company — also known as OC — because even if you are having a private party for two, you will still have plenty left on hand to light up your next soiree. What ICD also liked was Only Cube frees you from the  worry  you might be spending more than necessary.  One of their top goals is getting you the best prices on the market.

So, here you go valued member of the inner circle.  Let us know what your Flik Chicks group think. To the rest of you, keep those requests coming! We love it!

We, at INNER CIRCLE Direct, wish you a safe and wonderful Memorial Day!  Don’t forget to give thanks to those men and women who gave the ultimate sacrifice to keep us free. 

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