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Good Enough to Eat (Almost)

Very often, the team at INNER CIRCLE Direct meets to talk together about products they’ve uncovered.  In some of those instances, one of the team will be awash with praise over a sweet find, leaving others among them to wonder what the draw is about a product that is one thing but presents itself, uniquely, as another.  The argument is that people will always be attracted to something that catches the eye, be it color, uniqueness or functionality.  ICD can think of no better example than Love Lee Soaps’ Sweet Mini Donuts recently posted.  They look so much like real donuts you might be tempted to take a bite!

How creative of Love Lee Soaps to come up with soaps so mouth watering, you have to see them up close to figure out they that aren’t the real McCoy!  Not only are these soaps wonderful, whimsical eye candy, they come with a chocolate scent that smells like the real things.

ICD marvels at the level of creativity of these talented soap manufactures.  They don’t stop with just donuts either.  They also offer other desserts that equally resemble the real things like their Animal Cracker Soap Set, their Chocolate Chip Cookie Soap and their Chocolate Creme Filled Cupcake Soap.  Love Lee Soaps also creates more than “desserts”.  For instance, their Fruity Loop Cereal Bowl, another favorite of ICD‘s, their Fun Popcorn Soap, their Candy Fruit Slice Soap Set and their adorable Cute as a Button Soap are all convincing as more believable as the actual products than soaps.

In our day, having Love Lee Soaps around would have made the whole “wash your mouth out with soap” experience a much less disdainful punishment.  Now, you just have to make sure your little angels don’t get that idea themselves, because they’ll know what was like to be in our shoes! 

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