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Daughters home for the weekend, anything can go wrong.

One of the team at INNER CIRCLE Direct had her twenty something daughter home from college for the weekend. Like always, it’s wonderful to see her.  Problem is,  whenever she visits, the house inevitably becomes a dumping ground for her clothes, books, shoes and makeup!

A perfect example is the vanity in their bathroom.  Once the “swirling tornado” has been in there, it never fails that  smudges of eyeshadow, beige foundation and powdered blush are left in her wake.  

Because it is not an everyday occurrence, dutiful mom resignedly trails after her with bleach and gloves in hand to clean up her mess.  But when she enters the room, she is horrified to find something more than the remnants of makeup. There was a long, yellow burn mark on the sink counter!

Mom asked her sweet, adult child what it was. Her daughter explained that she had left her flat iron on the counter while applying her makeup and “some how” it left a burn mark. With her big, blue cow eyes she said,Sorry Mom, but I had no place to put it while I was getting ready”.

Times like these call for SUPER Mom, aka “The Fixer” to come to the rescue.  She had seen  a cool product that prevents more burns from occurring.  It was the Hot Iron Holster®, a patented, portable silicone holder that clings to any smooth surface, such as a sink.  It  is heat resistant up to 500 degrees F and  provides a convenient way to keep hot styling tools safe and organized in the home,  hotel room or on the go.

When you consider how much damage a hot styling tool can cause, the cost of the Hot Iron Holster is more than worth their very affordable price.  The Hot Iron Holster comes in many different colors.  ICD‘s favorite is the one that comes in pink. This Holster is easy to use and a perfect travel companion because it takes up only a small space in your suitcase.

Who would have thought such a simple, cool concept could be worth so much?  Thanks, Hot Iron Holster for preventing folks from getting hot around the collar because of burn marks.    Now, if you can just come up with a self-cleaning daughter, life would really be good!


Hot Iron Holster – Deluxe


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