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Products to ensure Summer is not a bummer!

Have you, our valued inner circle of shoppers, noticed the common theme as of late on Inner Circle Direct? With warmer days finally here and lots going on in the great outdoors, ICD wants to prepare you with the very latest trends to ensure your summer is anything but a bummer.

Where do we begin? There is so much to talk about. For instance, if you’re looking for products to help make the most of your outdoor experience, there’s the Ulupua Ripskirt. Inner Circle Direct loves what should be a vital part of your summer wardrobe for so many reasons. It is easy to go from beach to pool party in a jiffy. It is adjustable to whatever size fits you most comfortably. The designs and colors are fun and subtle and the cut is neither too high or too low. So simple, but an easy, breezy way to be prepared for any setting.

And speaking of the beach, you’ve just got to check out the Fluzzle Tubes recently posted on ICD. They are a colorful great way to “connect” with friends and family and a refreshing way to take the party to a cooler venue.

While you float down the lazy river with your BFFs, don’t forget to lock your valuables in the AquaVault.  ICD loves this product!  And we say finally! The team at ICD can’t count how many times we have worried that important possessions might get into the wrong hands while we take a dip to cool off.  Yeah! No more worries in that department!

Finally, if you sometimes prefer your pool versus heading out to the beach, ICD has found another terrific way of staying cool when the heat is on.  The Patio Mister is a system that gently douses the feel of hot rays on your skin with a light mist while you relax in the privacy of your own back yard.  It is simple to set up and is very do-able for most budgets.  With the Patio Mister, you’ll find yourself living like the rich and famous without taking a dive on cost as you lounge away the afternoon.  But what makes this product even better  is that you don’t need to have a pool to reap the benefits of this system.  All you need is a structure over your head like a gazebo, trellis or back yard awning and you’ll be made in the shade and the sun! 

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