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Unleash the Hounds!

With all the gadgets and smart this and thats being introduced, seemingly, on a daily basis, it’s no surprise to learn a company like PetSafe thought of a product like SmartDoor™ for your dog and/or for your cat.

INNER CIRCLE Direct is always on the lookout for unique, helpful products with multi-faceted benefits. That’s precisely why we liked this product. It allows your furry friends to come and go as they please into your enclosed back yard, thereby alleviating frequent, bothersome interruptions when you are in the middle of something.

ICD realizes pet doors have been around for a while. But there are a couple of problems with those currently on the market. Number one is the fear that other curious critters might use it to sneak in and become a permanent family member. Another thing to consider is the worry of a compromised sense of security to consider. With the installation of a PetSafe’s Electronic SmartDoor™, you rid yourself of those fears.

The unique signal of a SmartKey™ worn on your pet’s collar uses radio-frequency technology to trigger the battery power-driven flap to unlock. When the SmartDoor™ no longer senses your pet’s SmartKey™, the flap automatically locks back into place. Voila! Problem solved. If you’re like the pet owners at ICD, the cost more than makes up for eliminating the sound of Fido whining to go out every five minutes. We give this product a big four paws up! 

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