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Yummy, yummy! Good for your tummy!

A while back, at one of the many shows the team at INNER CIRCLE Direct attends, one among us came upon Sunflower Food Company’s Sunny Seeds. Scrumptious to look at and attention grabbers in their many different colors, still, there was a little hesitancy to try them at first. After all, who ever heard of chocolate-covered sunflower seeds? Throwing caution to the wind, she gave them a try. They were out-of-this-world yummy! Only regret was that there wasn’t a second chance for another sample! But, with the recent posting on ICD, we all now have a way to order enough Sunny Seeds for snacking, for parties, for better nutritional eating and so much more.

ICD also liked some of the suggestions for using them as ingredients or as a splash of color topping cakes and cupcakes. If you haven’t been able to find these in your local gourmet shop or just want a less time-consuming, easier way to get them, be sure to check out Sunflowers’ Sunny Seeds in under our Gourmet category. They’re sure to put a little sunshine into your snacking.  The packaging is even well done and unique.  In fact, they can even be cute served in a vase.  Just remember not to add water because they are mouth-watering only! 

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