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That’s soooo cheesy!

As tapas and even tapas restaurants become more and more the new trend of dining, INNER CIRCLE Direct found a fun, delectable, conversation piece for your next dinner party, cocktail party or any occasion at all. Boska Holland makes a very cool Partyclette ToGo that melts any cheese of your choice for use as a dip with french bread or cubed meat, as a drip over nachos or potatoes or in any combination that meets your fancy.

The Partyclette ToGo couldn’t be any easier to use. All you need, aside from the item itself, is a match, and you’re on your way to impressing your guests or companion. Even if you have a hard time boiling an egg (like one  member of ICD) you’ll love this Partyclette ToGo because it is practically fool proof and comes off making you look like you have a flair for gourmet cooking.  Should you burn the cheese the first time using it, it’s easy enough to throw away and start again without costing you a lot of bread. Just thinking about the yummy ways to use this product has our collective taste buds ICD melting. That is why we recommend this very affordable delight to bring life back into your appetite. 

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