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Sometimes it’s the simple things in life that can be the most helpful. Such is the case with the Branch Shower Hooks by MarcR. As students return to their college dorms, and space becomes a commodity, INNER CIRCLE Direct found this to be an easy fix to dry towels, hang toiletry bags and hook other bath essentials so that they stay within reach and off the floor.

ICD loved that the simple idea of a shower ring has been turned into an entirely new and added function. With three integrated hooks on each of the twelve rings, they are perfect for hanging bathroom odds ‘n ends, adding storage to almost any shower setup. And, of course, ICD will always give a big two thumbs up to any cool, unique product whose cost is affordable enough for just about everyone.

INNER CIRCLE Direct recommends putting a ring on it by branching out in the bathroom with Branch Shower Hooks

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