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That’s the way the ball bounces!

Some of you fitness folks may have seen something like the Classic Balance Ball® Chair before, but for those who haven’t come across this treasure, it might be just the thing you’ve been looking for.

A member of the team at INNER CIRCLE DIRECT had been complaining about minor back and hip pain for weeks on end. It had even gotten to the point where she was forced to take breaks on her daily walk because the pain was so bad.  She wondered if her increasingly bad posture had anything to do with it.  One way to find out was with an item ICD found that just might serve as the cure for what ailed her.  This simple but beneficial product was meant to help improve posture, and make pain caused by slouching a thing of the past.

Gaiam’s Classic Balance Ball® Chair has the appearance of one of those bouncy balls for kids, but it’s function has far more of a positive effect on the body than the toy.  The Balance Ball® Chair provides all-day ergonomic support for people, like her, who sit at a desk all day and can be prone, over the course of the day, to slouch in a way that can lead to bad posture and pain.  The Classic Balance Ball® Chair improves posture and spinal alignment while providing a low-impact, powerful core-strengthening workout that leads to a healthier back and body.

Visit innercircledirect.com and “love it” as much as we do.  The price is comparable to ordinary office or home chairs but the Classic Balance Ball® Chair can do wonders for minor back pain.  Check out the product in more detail and take a look at the accompanying video on ICD‘s site.  We promise, you’ll have a ball with this chair!  And tha’s a fact for your back, jack! 

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