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When “faking it” can sometimes be a good thing!

Summer is a time when lots of us get the chance to go away on vacation. Needless to say, it’s great to get a little time off, but do you carry the baggage of nervousness about leaving your home empty for an extended period of time and possibly open to thieves and vandals like we do at INNER CIRCLE Direct? Well, ICD has found a great solution to help minimize the chance of a break-in when you’re out.

Hydreon Corporation has come up with a small device that makes a big impression in your home. It’s called FakeTV. What this product does is simulate the light from scene changes, color shifts, on screen motion, and other television effects. So when you see the light from FakeTV flickering through the curtains, it looks just like light from a real TV. In other words, FakeTV  gives the impression that someone inside is watching tv, which, in turn,  helps deter burglars from targeting your home for a break-in.

ICD found real comfort in FakeTV because, for such a minimal cost, the unit gives a “signal” to prospective burglars that your dwelling place is occupied. And, there’s nothing like a bit more peace of mind to help make a vacation, a real vacation! Thanks, Hydreon

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