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Knock on Wood!

At the risk of being repetitive, INNER CIRCLE Direct continues to be amazed at the originality of some products and the elements that are used to re-create an idea into something definitively unique.  Such is the case with Woodsnap, a company whose passion is to print favorite memories using wood as the canvas.  How clever!

There was so much ICD liked about Woodsnap that it’s difficult to know where to begin.  We’ll start with quality.  The transferral process of getting the photo onto the wood is extremely clear and sharp, so that even the smallest detail pops off the “canvas”.  In other words, if you didn’t already know your photo was on wood, you’d barely have noticed a difference from the original photograph.

Woodsnap‘s many size options are another thing to like.  They range from 8″ x 8″ to 30″ x 40″.  They can even do custom sizes upon request.

And, of course, ICD is always price conscious.  We thought the range of costs were extremely reasonable.  In some cases, a frame sans photo, can go for more than the costs of the wall decor listed on Woodsnap.

If you’d rather choose from a selection of pre-done wood prints, Woodsnap has some really great inspirational options as well.

Take it from ICD, gift-giving takes on a whole new form that will delight the recipient even if the recipient is you!  In a snap, Woodsnap could turn your ordinary photos into a piece of art for the wall that will last and last.  Check them out by clicking on innercircledirect.com

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