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That’s a whole lot o’ clams!

If seafood is not on your list of favorites or, in your view, not all it’s “cracked” up to be (get it?), INNER CIRCLE DIRECT has an alternative way to enjoy the fruits of the ocean with Maine Coast Creations’ beautifully creative home accent vases. We applaud their inventive and artistic use of a material most people discard after a fine meal. Because each and every one of these delicate pieces can better be described as more works of art than anything else.

If you’re feeling a little clammy, you can bring the feel of the sea inside with their clam shell inlaid vases. If you want something that will “pump you up”, there is the mussel shell design. If you want to rock with a lobster, there’s a style for you as well. Finally, if you’re digging a little of everything or just can’t make up your mind, Maine Coast Creations has a design that combines them all.

ICD gives this an “LLLi” rating: Love, Love, Love it! What great conversation pieces to get your party talking! Who needs flowers when one of these vases will surely steal the show? And what better way is there to express how much a friend or loved one means to you by giving them a gift that will be forever treasured? Lastly, the price point of these museum-worthy vases are affordable on just about any budget.

So, if you want a whole lot of clams without shelling out a whole lot of clams (sorry, we just couldn’t help ourselves), Maine Coast Creations is your go-to place! 

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