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The “phone” is ringing for you!

In the age of one kind ofphone or another, be it a Smartphone®, an iPhone® or any other seemingly endless string of electronic gadgets currently on the market, INNER CIRCLE Direct has found a “phone” you won’t want to do without. It’s the very cool SleepPhone®, a fantastic way to keep the sounds you don’t want to hear out, while keeping soothing music in.

Just imagine being able to sleep comfortably, the whole night through, without being abruptly awakened by the symphony of noises coming from the snorer next to you? You’ve tried everyday earphones but have found they are too uncomfortable to wear in bed. This is not the case with SleepPhones®. That’s right, it means no more getting up in the middle of the night to go sleep on the couch!

Then there’s the scenario of going to the gym to work out the weight of the day. But the motion of the machines you are using has you tangled up in the wires and/or constantly has the plugs falling out of your ears. Why not bring along the SleepPhone® for a no fuss/no muss way to enjoy your treasured work out time?

The SleepPhone® is great for sleeping comfortably at pretty much the cost of a regular, bothersome pair of headphones. In fact, you’ll be so comfortable with the SleepPhones® blocking out all the static going on around you that you’ll forget you’re even wearing them. SleepPhones get a ZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzz++++ from INNER CIRCLE Direct! This is yet another product that many from the ICD team will be ordering for themselves!


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