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Winter Wonderland

It may not be looking like winter in your neck of the woods, but in some parts, winter, and the snow and chill that comes with it, may be just around the corner.  INNER CIRCLE Direct wants to best prepare you this season with very cool, innovative products for when ‘Iceman Cometh’.

There is an extensive list of really interesting ideas that ICD will be rolling out over the next few weeks to help you endure, adapt, have fun and make life a little easier for everyone, winter lovers and non-winter lovers alike.

INNER CIRCLE Direct has already introduced a few must-haves for the oncoming season. The first, and one of our top picks, is HeatTrak’s Heated Stair Mat, definitely a “LLLi” (Love, Love, Love it!) ranking!  These are great for people with physical challenges such as back pain who find it difficult, even impossible, to keeping their outdoor staircases clear and safe from snow and ice.  Older folks, like some of those in our team, love the idea that, after their initial placement, these mats require no more effort than it takes to plug in a cord to ensure a safe passage in and out of the house.  The same can be said when it comes to small children eager to play outside in the snow, mindless of how icy steps can often be, especially if there is black ice.  And, if your mail box is on attached to your home, mail carriers won’t have to worry about slipping and/or falling as they carry letters and parcels to your door.  ICD could go on and on about the many benefits of this product, but we think you get the general idea about this wonderfully, preventative and safe item that should be a staple for every home.

Next up is a product coming out this fall from Glove.ly.  It’s particularly handy (get it?) for those ever-constant users of iPhones, Androids and such.  CLASSIC Touch Screen Gloves are warm, practical, stylish gloves that let you use your touchscreen device with any part of your hand.  These multi-functional gloves are comfortably soft, attractive, and inexpensive.  ICD finds them to be a great functional form of using your gadget outdoors without freezing your digits off!

And, of course, along with winter, snow and cold temperatures comes Christmas.  Yes, it’s that time of year again when we are overwhelmed and perhaps even underwhelmed by everything everyone is supposed to “need”.  ICD is here to help you cut through the glut of stuff by doing the work for you.  One thing we found had to be the brainchild of someone who lived in cramped quarters.  It’s Murphy’s Flatback, Artificial Christmas Tree from Tree Classics.  Get this, from far away it looks like a lush, full and bushy tree, but upon closer inspection, you’ll see that this Christmas Tree gives you everything an entire tree would give you, but only takes up half the space of your typical tree because it is essentially only half of a tree that stands flush against any way flat wall.  It comes pre-lit with your choice of clear or multi-colored lights so that all you need to do is add the finishing, more personal touches that will deck out your home for the holidays.

These are just a few of winter’s wonderland of uniquely, cool products that ICD has in store for you in the weeks ahead, so be sure to check us out regularly.  And, don’t forget, if you, too, come across a cool item you’d like to share with the inner circle, by all means, give us a jingle (a.k.a. email us) at info@innercircledirect.com.

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