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Set in Stone

Next up for Inner Circle Direct is a product that we learned had been introduced on the Rachel Ray Show only after we’d discovered it on our own. But, once ICD found it, we loved it instantly and just had to gush about it in a post. That product is Appliance Art’s Instant Granite.

It would be so nice if everyone could afford the luxury and look of granite countertops and vanities, unfortunately, it is not always in every household’s budget. Instant Granite gives you the look you long for without draining your pocketbook. ┬áIn minutes, this product transforms any flat surface into a thing of beauty that comes with the appeal of granite. It has the look and feel of the real thing at a price just about anyone can afford, bringing a whole new, upgraded look into every room in the house. ICD can’t think of a better way to spruce up a kitchen countertop, a bathroom vanity or coffee and side tables in your den or living room in such a way that your guests will be hard pressed to see the difference from real granite.

In fact, ICD loved this product so much, some in our team have bought it for their own homes and with every new visitor, compliments abound on the lovely way it changed a room’s appearance.

So, as you prepare your house for the holidays, amaze your family and friends with an overnight, do-it-yourself sensation that can, easily, be set in stone. Bravo Appliance Art! Five very big stars for what Robin Leach would so often refer to as living champagne wishes and caviar dreams! 

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