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A Toast of Congrats to the Pats!

Super Bowl XLIX certainly did not have a certain winner until the nail-biting last few moments! Wow! What a finish! And, to mark the occasion, INNER CIRCLE Direct has uncovered a terrific and very cool way for every football fan in your home to share in the celebration of toasting the victorious New England Patriots.

Pangea Brands’ New England Patriot ProToast pleases the pallet and tickles the tummy with an emblazoned Patriot’s logo on your favorite morning breakfast. You can even share your enthusiasm with a friend or family member because the Protoast is a two-slice toaster. ICD sends a cautionary note, however. We strongly advise that you may not want to share a slice with a Seahawks fan as it might “deflate” the start of their day by causing a little domestic discourse.

What better way to start the morning than with a reminder of the winning Super Bowl Champions who overcame a lot of adversities to get to the #1, very coveted spot in the NFL? For less than the cost of what it would be just to tailgate, this is a truly memorable, functioning appliance that will have everyone toasting the record-setting occasion.

ICD sends CONGRATS to the PATS! 

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