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Have you seen the prices of cards these days?!  Seriously?!  Even the ones that don’t do tricks for you like pop out in your face, carry a tune or have sumpin’, sumpin’ attached to it are upwards of $7.00 or more!  What?!!

Now, we here at INNER CIRCLE DIRECT might be thinking a bit old fashioned when we recall that, only a couple of years ago, cards of all kinds could be found between a dollar, for a no frills card, to around $3.00 for all the bells and whistles. What happened to make prices soar so high and so quickly?  Is it that cards are now replacing gifts? At these prices, it sure seems like it, but there are also other options. For instance, for a mere $10 (just a tad more than the cost of a card), you can give a gift — that is essentially a card every week for the next two years — filled with your own thoughts and feelings that will surely touch the recipient in a far more meaningful way.

Knock Knock’s What I Love about You Journal is like getting a 112 cards in one!  The Journal makes it easy to know where to begin because it prompts you on ways to express yourself. You don’t have to be a novelist or writer. All you need is to jot down how you feel whether it be romantic, racy, mushy or fun, it is all in your hands and comes from your heart. And, if your recipient ever needs a little reminder of how much they are loved, all they need do is return to the pages of the journal to reassure them that there is someone to share all life’s happiness, sadness or just plain craziness with.

ICD finds the What I Love about You Journal to be a top pick, especially for the price! Wouldn’t you rather receive something (with only a slightly higher price  tag than a card) that captures the true feelings of your loved ones versus a card, written by some stranger, where all that is required is a signature?  Do we really have to answer that?!  Only thing is, you better hurry, Valentine’s Day is around just around the corner! 

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