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Now That’s a HOT Cup of Tea!

In our quest to quench INNER CIRCLE Direct’s thirst for unique cool products, our ever-growing team is on the lookout 24/7 for treasures far and wide. And what we’ve found is, no matter how the economy is doing, women (and those who shop for women) always find a way to be able to afford a piece of jewelry. We’re not saying it has to be expensive. In fact, through our travels, we’ve come across marvelous jewelry  for as little as $10, $20 or $30. And while such fashion accessories probably won’t become keepsakes, a special little sumpin’, sumpin’ never fails to brighten any girl’s day!

The adorable Tea and Cup Necklace by Vinca USA is a perfect example of something creatively different.  And, of course, ICD always loves it when a product comes with an affordable price tag that is not hard to swallow as does the Tea and Cup Necklace.  It’s not made of diamonds or semi-precious stones, but it would be a very cute addition to anyone’s jewelry box, especially tea lovers.

Like ICD, Vinca USA offers designs for those who can’t stand boring. For them, the weirder, the better. They keep an eye on what other folks are offering then ask themselves how they can do things differently. They did just that. Not with bling but with a simple, yet a fun take on tea pouring from a teapot into a tea cup.

ICD recommends you “drink in” this little gem and get it while it’s hot! 

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