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Shining some light on love!

Sure, Valentine’s Day is behind us, but, who among us doesn’t like to be reminded about how someone feels about you more than once a year? Those three little words carry so much weight and depth in our lives that we shouldn’t be hearing them only on Valentine’s Day.

INNER CIRCLE Direct “saw the light” with Light and Shade’s I Love You Edison Light Bulb! This simple, yet very creative light bulb shines light on how you feel or how someone might feel about you, making any room aglow with heart-felt sentiments.

The I Love You Edison Light Bulb need not only be limited to adults. It could be used as a great night light and a positive reminder for a child before they doze off to sleep. The I Love You Edison Light Bulb would also be a very unique way of sharing your feelings to your nearest and dearest on Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Anniversaries, Engagements, Weddings or any special occasion.

ICD commends Light and Shade for coming up with a very cool concept which is priced almost as low as some might spend on pricey Hallmark cards.  We give it the LLL Award — the Love, Love, Love it — stamp of approval as one of our favorites.  The way we see it, there can never be enough reminders of your feelings, so we think there should be one I Love You Edison Light Bulb in every room in the house! 

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