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This product is out of this world!

Do you believe in U.F.O’s? Unique, Fabulous, Objects, that is!  Well, by now, you must realize that  INNER CIRCLE Direct sure does!  And it just so happens that a “U.F.O.” has landed and become a close encounter folks actually welcome into their homes. It is Duncan Shotten Design Studios’ U.F.O. Soap Pump.  It will have you beaming for adding whimsy to dull kitchens and bathrooms everywhere with their very stellar, alien concept, dispensing fun into an otherwise boring, ordinary and mundane liquid soap container.

ICD loved Duncan Shotton, a British designer, based in Tokyo because we share a similar mission:   to offer “products that engage users emotionally, offer happiness and ensure people love what they’re doing, wherever they are…” and sometimes it doesn’t take much more than a slight twist to make something that’s been around your house, and gone pretty much unnoticed, into a something really cool which is sure to elicit a smile from the young and the young at heart.  Duncan Shotten Design Studios’ U.F.O. Soap Pump certainly captured the attention of ICD and we highly recommend you make “space” for this fun U.F.O. Soap Pump wherever there is a sink in your home.

Duncan, you get this week’s INNER CIRCLE Direct‘s L-L-L It (Love, Love, Love It) Award.  Congratulations!  May you live long and prosper, especially when you come up with creative ideas like this! 

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