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About the Circle

The story began many years before the actual concept of an online product portal came to be. It started with two friends working within the retail/manufacturing industry believing there needed to be a better, easier way to find fun and unique products online without having to search through a zillion manufactures’ websites individually. So, with their combined 25 years of experience, the ladies set out to make this belief a reality.

Spanning more than two decades, it has been the job of both women to scour the country in search of beautiful treasures and/or really cool concepts — many of which were only made available to local or regional retail markets. Seeing this as a limited mode of commerce between sellers and possible buyers, the two friends made it their goal to create a platform where friends, family, and even strangers, could cut through the glut of information overload and access a more direct link to wonderfully unique, and often rare, products. It was this very goal that gave birth to INNER CIRCLE DIRECT.

INNER CIRCLE DIRECT is not a big corporation with layers of entities and hidden fees. We are simply a company with an abundance of resources whose function is to operate as a liaison connecting consumers with small-to-medium-sized manufacturers of great products and/or brands all on one site.

So we welcome you, the consumer, to the ultimate shopping experience where it will always be our #1 priority to provide you with the very best products hitting the market.

Happy shopping!

Please note: If you know of or would like to recommend a really cool product, let us know by emailing us at info@innercircledirect.com so we can share it with our tens of thousands of members who love to make new discoveries. 

Inner Circle Direct
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