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How Cool is This?!

Now that the snow and cold weather is a distant memory, it’s wonderful to be able to spend more time outdoors. However, with summer also comes the hot weather. But why melt under the heat of the sun when there is a better way to enjoy even the hottest of days with Icybreeze’a Frost Package?… continue reading »

Sweet Hearts!

Well, its nearly that time of year when expressions of love are found in gifts for Valentine’s Day. INNER CIRCLE DIRECT — always on the lookout for unique gifts for every occasion on the calendar — has found a really sweet way to your loved ones’ hearts through your own creative way of saying “I… continue reading »

Still Time Left!!

Are you one of those people who’ll still be shopping at 11:00 p.m. on Christmas Eve?  Well, for all the last-minute folks out there — some of which are among the team at INNER CIRCLE Direct — we found a product that will relieve you of some of the stress from doing everything at the 11th hour…. continue reading »

Set in Stone

Next up for Inner Circle Direct is a product that we learned had been introduced on the Rachel Ray Show only after we’d discovered it on our own. But, once ICD found it, we loved it instantly and just had to gush about it in a post. That product is Appliance Art’s Instant Granite. It… continue reading »

Winter Wonderland

It may not be looking like winter in your neck of the woods, but in some parts, winter, and the snow and chill that comes with it, may be just around the corner.  INNER CIRCLE Direct wants to best prepare you this season with very cool, innovative products for when ‘Iceman Cometh’. There is an extensive… continue reading »

Knock on Wood!

At the risk of being repetitive, INNER CIRCLE Direct continues to be amazed at the originality of some products and the elements that are used to re-create an idea into something definitively unique.  Such is the case with Woodsnap, a company whose passion is to print favorite memories using wood as the canvas.  How clever!… continue reading »

Dishing it out!

To say that INNER CIRCLE DIRECT is envious of the creativity, talent and idea of family owned China Baroque’s handcrafted jewelry and fashion accessories reveals how much we love Mom, Alexanne Albert, Daughter, Erica Calver and Daughter-in-Law, Christie Gunters’ creations. A few of the ICD team used to feel they possessed a level of artistic… continue reading »

Let us hook you up!

Sometimes it’s the simple things in life that can be the most helpful. Such is the case with the Branch Shower Hooks by MarcR. As students return to their college dorms, and space becomes a commodity, INNER CIRCLE Direct found this to be an easy fix to dry towels, hang toiletry bags and hook other… continue reading »

You don’t have to be rich to enjoy pure luxury and comfort!

Some of INNER CIRCLE Direct’s staff recently had the opportunity to meet designers of the most awesome lounger ever.  It’s called the Yogibo Max.  Our hard-working team were weary from searching high and low for the latest and greatest products being introduced at an industry trade show in Atlanta.  When they came upon this very inviting lounger, they… continue reading »

Pick a Pocket

Once again, INNER CIRCLE Direct strikes gold in the versatility department with our recent discovery of Juneberry Bags! In fact, we might even go so far as to say that ICD is of one mind with Natalie Goodale, creator of this interchangeable, must-have because we share the same love of options. Few fashion accessories compare… continue reading »

That’s soooo cheesy!

As tapas and even tapas restaurants become more and more the new trend of dining, INNER CIRCLE Direct found a fun, delectable, conversation piece for your next dinner party, cocktail party or any occasion at all. Boska Holland makes a very cool Partyclette ToGo that melts any cheese of your choice for use as a… continue reading »

Flowers You’ll Be Glad You Picked

INNER CIRCLE Direct starts off the week with the “Ahhhhh” factor.  When you take a look at Sweet Princess Bowtique’s products and images, you’ll understand why.  Makes us moms, at ICD, almost want to have another child.  Almost… Sweet Princess Bowtique’s Silk Flower Hats are a gorgeous, colorful, easy way to dress up your infant… continue reading »

Totally Diggin’ the Honey Badger Garden Gloves

INNER CIRCLE Direct is really diggin’ another very cool product. We recently unearthed this incredible gardening glove, there’s no need to look any further for tools for the garden because the perfect one is finally within reach.  The Honey Badger Garden Glove makes gardening  fast and easy work of clawing through your gardening chores.  Say goodbye to lugging around… continue reading »

Just Chillin’

It’s past 10:00 p.m. and still a sweltering 86+ degrees outside. It’s times like these that INNER CIRCLE Direct‘s latest find comes in handy as the heat turns cold beverage to hot in no time flat. Introducing Chill Puck, dare we say , a very cool way to prevent that from happening. Just attach a… continue reading »

Take a walk on the safe side.

Once again, INNER CIRCLE Direct, has found a hidden gem that actually offers a place for your hidden gems, they are called SlotFlops. We’ve often said we love products with a dual purpose. ICD discovered a great example of this with SlotFlop Sandals. Don’t mistake them for ordinary flip flops. SlotFlops are far from that… continue reading »

Unleash the Hounds!

With all the gadgets and smart this and thats being introduced, seemingly, on a daily basis, it’s no surprise to learn a company like PetSafe thought of a product like SmartDoor™ for your dog and/or for your cat. INNER CIRCLE Direct is always on the lookout for unique, helpful products with multi-faceted benefits. That’s precisely… continue reading »

Get Lit at Your Next Party!

One of INNER CIRCLE Direct‘s most ardent followers has asked if we could find a product she’d seen and wanted but wasn’t able to find for an upcoming pool party she was having for her movie lovers’ group called the Flik Chicks. ICD to the rescue! This is another of INNER CIRCLE Direct‘s functions is… continue reading »

Good Enough to Eat (Almost)

Very often, the team at INNER CIRCLE Direct meets to talk together about products they’ve uncovered.  In some of those instances, one of the team will be awash with praise over a sweet find, leaving others among them to wonder what the draw is about a product that is one thing but presents itself, uniquely,… continue reading »

The world at your fingertips!

The most popular item on INNER CIRCLE Direct of late has been one of our favorites too! They certainly fit ICD‘s criteria of super trendy, very affordable, most definitely attention getting and uniquely versatile no matter what you’re wearing. What ICD is all ga-ga about  is the very cool London Skyline necklace.   Have you caught… continue reading »

Put a cork in it!

Having discovered Clayzee Activity’s Cork Board, a brand offered by Aliquantum International, INNER CIRCLE DIRECT, once again, wonders if we were born in the wrong generation.  Kids today have so much to choose from to keep their creativity and imagination alive!  A favorite of ICD‘s is Clayzee Activity’s Cork Board which allows a child to… continue reading »

Making Number Two Number One

A British woman has been seen on television lately saying she wants to talk about bums, well Inner Circle Direct would like to go the next step by bringing you a solution to what could be an embarrassing situation. Ever have to “go” when there’s only been one bathroom that others may have to use… continue reading »

Are you prepared?

  With  wild  weather  still  hitting  most  of  the  country,  are  you,  too,  wondering  when  we’ll  finally  see  the  end  of  what  seems  like  the  longest  winter  in history?   We  don’t  know  about  you,  but  INNER CIRCLE DIRECT   hopes  the  first signs of  Spring  are  just  around  that  proverbial  corner  because,  frankly,  we’ve  had… continue reading »

Band Leader

You’ve heard of a wristband, a rubber band, a wedding band, bands on the run and Band of Brothers, but have you heard about BANDI? INNER CIRCLE Direct  fell  instantly  in  love  with  BANDI  belts  —  with  the  Graffiti  belt  as our  favorite  design  —  for  a  couple  of  big  reasons.   The  first  one… continue reading »

We have a WINNER!

INNER CIRCLE DIRECT  is  delighted  to  announce  that  we  have  the  first  winner  of  our weekly  consumer  contest! Congratulations  to  Gayle  F.  from  Boston,  MA  for winning  a  handmade original  from  one  of  the companies  posted  on  our  site.   Be  sure  to visit  ICD’s  site  on  March 3rd  for  a  look  at  the  photo… continue reading »

Notes of Love

Are any of you or your spouses still sleeping on the couch because they forgot to get or do something romantic for Valentine’s Day?  If so, INNER CIRCLE DIRECT has the perfect product to help even the most forgetful among us remember from now on.  Check out the Doodle by Stitch duvet.  This is a… continue reading »

Brighten Your Rainy Day

No matter how dark the rain clouds are overhead, INNER CIRCLE DIRECT has found a standout product sure to brighten any child’s gloomy day.   The Fairy ensemble will enchant with dreams of make believe. A daughter of a friend of  ICD‘s received the Fairy Ensemble as a birthday gift and she has not wanted to take it off since,… continue reading »

Bye Bye Sweater Fuzz

It’s the middle of February and every year the same thing happens, sweaters start to get fuzz pills.  Those pesky little balls of fuzz under the arm sections are absolutely the worst.  It drives INNER CIRCLE DIRECT crazy!  ICD loves our sweaters, but after just a few wears, we hate it when they start to… continue reading »

Showcase Ireland

 INNER CIRCLE DIRECT is visiting Dublin this week for the first time.  What a great city and the people are incredibly friendly. ICD is attending the 2014 Showcase Ireland Gift Show and discovered John Hanly’s Lambswool Scarves.  ICD loves that no matter the color or style, each one is unique and beautifully made. ICD posted a… continue reading »

Who are you?

We’d like to pose a few questions to get to know you a little better. Are you game? After all, we told you that you would be playing an important role on this site where there would be lots of interaction, didn’t we? Well, a big reason for wanting to have your feedback is because,… continue reading »

Day One

Hello Family, BFFs and FBFFS (Future Best Friends Forever): We are thrilled to welcome you to INNER CIRCLE Direct where our #1 goal is to exceed your expectations in customer service, in offering you fun, unique gift ideas, in staying true to our aim of working to find you what you’re looking for and so… continue reading »

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