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The Birth Of My Daughter & Snuggwugg®

In 2011 something wonderful happened to me I became a mother. Although my life became so full being with this beautiful new life we can’t say that everything was the way we imagined. Countless nights awake with my daughter screaming for hours with colic, my husband and I both quickly realized that parenting was a much tougher job than even we ever imagined. Amazing beautiful, but tough. Even simple tasks like diaper changing became a battle. The struggles were taking a toll on all of us. That’s when I invented Snuggwugg®, for busy moms and dads to help keep babies happy and occupied during diaper changing, shopping trips, travel & more. I wanted to create a product that would make diaper changing easier for me and more fun for my daughter. I never dreamed Snuggwugg would also help keep her safe because she no longer kicked and turned.

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