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An EASTER SURPRISE Personalized Gift Set
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SourceBooks, Inc.

The books we give to children matter, perhaps more than any other books.

And great personalization can create a profound connection between kids and books. That connection can touch adults and kids in ways that are simply extraordinary.

That’s why we created Put Me In The Story.

At Put Me In The Story, we believe in the power and magic of books (just like you do).
We want the book you create with us to be one that you come back to again and again.
And when your child outgrows that book, we know it will be one of those cherished books you’ll want to keep forever.

Creating a book and a gift that’s just for you.

We’re book lovers at Put Me In The Story, which means we deeply care about your reading experience. So we develop each book individually to make each personalized story a unique and amazing experience. You’ll see lots of different kinds of personalization on Put Me In The Story.

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