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Orange Whip Trainer
Orange Whip Trainer
Orange Whip Trainer
Orange Whip TrainerOrange Whip TrainerOrange Whip TrainerOrange Whip Trainer

Orange Whip Trainer

One of the best and often overlooked features of the Orange Whip is the ability to use it indoors without compromising its unparalleled performance. It only requires a minimal amount of space and 5-10 minutes of training time per day. No golf swing trainer is more time efficient and effective. You can work with an Orange Whip year-round and never again have to depend on weather conditions or daylight when you want to improve your golf swing and fitness. It’s the ideal tool for those living in challenging winter environments and busy individuals with little time to practice.

The Trainer is the longest version and most physically demanding. As ability of the golfer increases, the height of user becomes less of a factor.

Swinging the Trainer is most similar to swinging a driver.

Because of the Trainer’s length, Balance and tempo easily develop because the user must wait for the momentum to gather. Also, the development of flexibility and range of motion is greater when compared to the other two versions.

The extra length also encourages more patience in the transition to avoid the “quick” swings and the common “over the top” swing fault. 

  • Recommended for people 5'6'' and above.
  • Length - 47.5 inches in total length, approximately 45" actual swing length (Men's Driver)
  • Weight - The total weight is 1.76 pounds.
  • Simulates Driver motion.
  • Recommended Whip for Core Fitness and Flexibility.
  • It can be difficult to control for seniors, women, beginners or shorter golfers
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Like so many aspiring golfers, my goal in life was to play on the PGA Tour. When it became clear that wasn’t going to happen, I shifted my attention to the golf business and teaching. I dedicated myself to instruction... More »
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