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Meal Measure
MealMeasure – The portion control tool for YOUR plate!
MealMeasure – The portion control tool for YOUR plate!

MealMeasure – The portion control tool for YOUR plate!

MealMeasure is a sure way to maintain a healthy weight, lose weight, and it challenges you to eat better. The four precalibrated cut-outs in the MealMeasure help you eat the right amount of protein, starch, fruit, and vegetables at each meal. Each cutout is 1 Cup, and has a 1/2 Cup line so you can choose how much you want to serve on each plate. MealMeasure fits on most any dinner plate, and is completely reusable. When finished using MealMeasure, simply rinse with warm soapy water, or place in the top rack of your dishwasher.

Order one or several. Select the radio button, input the number you want, and Add to Cart. Buy one for every member of the family, or one for yourself and a friend.

MealMeasure is a great tool for diabetics, weight loss clubs, maintaining a healthy diet for your child, dieting, or just keeping your portions consistent. Better eating health means better overall health!

  • No more pre-measuring. No more guessing if your portions are the right size
  • There are 4 portion control areas - 2 for fruits or veggies, 1 for starches and 1 for protein.
  • Super easy to use and clean.
  • Matches myplate.gov guidelines for healthy portions.
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The Meal Measure was created by a working mom, a former lunch room attendant who is passionate about using portion control for a healthier diet. Patty is a wife, mother of 3 children, an inventor, and entrepreneur. She invented the... More »
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