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Benbini New Mommy Watch
Benbini New Mommy Watch
Benbini New Mommy WatchBenbini New Mommy WatchBenbini New Mommy WatchBenbini New Mommy Watch

Benbini New Mommy Watch

The original Benbini watch has all a mom needs – fashion and function. This unique watch allows moms to keep “soft time” of all your baby’s scheduling needs. The Benbini was ergonomically designed with a bangle cuff to fit during pregnancy and once baby arrives. This watch is made of a baby soft material that will not rub nor scratch your newborn. Did we mention the Benbini is the only patented dual bezel watch on the market today? Buy now and enjoy the benefits of the stylish Benbini mommy watch. 

  • Available in white, grey/raspberry and melon colors.
  • Patented dual bezels – allows tracking of baby’s schedules.
  • Convenient Left/Right switch for breastfeeding moms.
  • Water resistant.
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When we hatched the idea for the Benbini, we had a bone to pick with that biological clock that tick-tick-ticked us along toward mommydom. Where was it now that we needed it? Everywhere we looked, friends were trying to keep... More »
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