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BIOVESSEL is a patented, indoor ecosystem that is inspired by nature and designed to deal with your waste, it brings nature into your urban home and redefines your waste by turning it into nutrients that feeds new life!

The form of BIOVESSEL has not been deliberately designed for aesthetic appeal, neither is it another machine created to deal with the waste that humans have created, instead, we let nature decide.

The BIOVESSEL Starter Kit Includes:

Vessel x1
Inner Structure – Regulator x1
Cork Wood Lid x1
Top Caps x3
Bottom Cap x1
Food Waste Container x1
Moisture/Light/pH level Probe x1
Fertilizer Scoop x1
Sprayer x1 

$179.00 USD
  • We have created the biovessel because 45% of fruits and vegetables produced are wasted, 7% GHG emission per year comes from decomposing food waste and 21% of U.S. landfills is food waste.
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Bionicraft is a BioLab/R&D/Design studio, gathering biologist, designer and architect. We are dedicated to biological research, conservation and innovation. ​ Through biology observation and experiment, we applied biological technologies in designing bionic products and developing eco integrated system solutions. Recently... More »
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