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Body Doodle Crayons
Body Doodle Crayons
Body Doodle CrayonsBody Doodle Crayons

Body Doodle Crayons

Use your body and face to create amazing art. Body Doodlers come in six colors (Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, White and Black) that come out bright and vibrant on your skin. These long lasting crayons are made of hardened gel so they never dry out and easily wash off skin and clothes with no scrubbing. Each pen is easy to hold with a large comfort grip. Nontoxic.

  • 6 Colors
  • Writes on Skin
  • Long Lasting
  • Easy Wash
  • Comfort Grip
  • Nontoxic
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The International Arrivals team works hard and plays hard to bring you fun, functional and fantastic consumer products designed to inspire the creative artist within you. You can count on us to bring you a plethora of products. We know... More »
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