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Aliquantum International / Clayzee Activity
Clayzee Activity Cork Board
Clayzee Activity Cork Board
Clayzee Activity Cork BoardClayzee Activity Cork BoardClayzee Activity Cork Board

Clayzee Activity Cork Board

The Amazing AIR DRYING clay that looks and feels like real natural material!

ClayZee lets you squish it, bend it and shape it! First choose the kind of ClayZee dough you want your creation to look like. Then use your imagination and mold the ClayZee dough into whatever creation you want. Afterwards you simply leave it in the open air to dry and, WOW, your fantastic creation is ready to use or put on display! With this fun and versatile dough, making natural looking projects are easy and the finished effect is amazing! 

  • For ages 6 and above
  • Air dries
  • Paintable
  • Soft and shapeable
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Clayzee Activity is part of Aliquantum International, a multi-branded company that, since 2009, have constructed a lineup of consumer products that appeal to people of all ages. In our portfolio we hold award winning toys in multiple disciplines from Out... More »
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