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Colorwear’s Digital Mandala 2 T-Shirt
Colorwear’s Digital Mandala 2 T-Shirt
Colorwear’s Digital Mandala 2 T-ShirtColorwear’s Digital Mandala 2 T-ShirtColorwear’s Digital Mandala 2 T-ShirtColorwear’s Digital Mandala 2 T-ShirtColorwear’s Digital Mandala 2 T-Shirt

Colorwear’s Digital Mandala 2 T-Shirt

The adult coloring craze just moved up to a whole new level of awesome with Colorwear – the ultimate Artwear experience! Say Hello to Colorwear! A new collection of wearable art that YOU create!

Choose from over 170 captivating designs by wildly popular coloring book artists such as Valentina Ramos and Angelea Van Dam (aka Hello Angel) printed on high quality t-shirts from The Mountain. Plus, each t-shirt comes with a 6-Pack of Tulip Fabric markers!
Let your imagination run wild

Product Details:

Pack of 6 Tulip Markers Included
1 Colorboard Included
100% Cotton
Pre-shrunk, Medium Weight
Relaxed Fit
Dyed using organic dyes with designs printed with soft, non-toxic water-based inks.

Color alone or color with friends. Color at home or on the go. Color it yours…anytime, anywhere! COLORWEAR IS THE ULTIMATE ARTWEAR EXPERIENCE. 

  • Sizes range from small to 5XL
  • T-shirt is available in 6 different colors
  • Colorwear t-shirts come in a wide variety of designs
  • 100% Guarantee
  • When you first receive your Colorwear Tees we recommend washing in cold water alone or with like colors prior to decorating. Since your shirt was hand-dyed it may continue to bleed some excess color for the first few washes. It is safe to use normal detergent, just make sure to avoid bleach. Your Colorwear Tees should be dried either in a tumble dryer or flat, not hung as the weight of the water will cause the cotton to stretch. After washing, insert your shirtboard between the layers of fabric and use it as your coloring surface. After decorating, wash in warm water, gentle cycle with mild soap and lay flat to dry. Be sure to snap a photo and use #colorwear to share your masterpiece!
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Colorwear is a t-shirt movement created by The Mountain® – the original Artwear Company – known for their iconic Three Wolf Moon and Big Face® t-shirt designs. The Mountain® is revered for their industry-leading environmentally friendly t-shirt production process. Colorwear... More »
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