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Original Sock Dogs
Custom Pet Sock
Custom Pet Sock
Custom Pet SockCustom Pet SockCustom Pet Sock

Custom Pet Sock

Each “pet” truly is made from a pair of brand new, high quality socks. Some are hand-dyed and shaded to match your pet’s coat, some are adorned with faux fur (for the fluffy pets out there), but underneath it all…socks! By using versatile materials like these, I can achieve some great effects, while keeping the cost down for you.

Because Original Sock Dogs is just me (Stacey), and each one really is handmade by me, there’s a little more wait time than you’d experience with an “assembly line” type company, or one operating out of, let’s say, China. The good news is that each custom I work on gets my full attention, and each is crafted with care and a special focus on detail.http://www.sockdogs.com I know sometimes it’s the littlest things–a tiny spot over your dog’s eye, a unique stripe on your cat’s back–that makes them even more adorable to you. It’s my job to capture those things. Just like you, your pet is an individual, and I want their plush to be uniquely “them”. 

$67.00 - $95.00
  • $10 of every purchase goes directly to no-kill animal shelter.
  • Your custom "pet" will be 100% handmade and one-of-a-kind (just like your pet). No mass production here.
  • Made in the USA!
  • Instant communication! We respond to your questions and emails quickly. No waiting and wondering!
  • All pets welcome! (Dogs, cats, bunnies, ferrets...you name it!)
  • Original Sock Dogs are collectible plush art, and are not intended for children under 12.
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How one homeless mutt launched a thousand sock dogs. In November 2004, I traveled to Taiwan with my husband. On one afternoon, we took the train out Hualien, a seaside town. I noticed a small dog with a limp being... More »
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