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Let Them Eat Candles® from Glencoe Studio LLC
Dark Chocolate – Pink Rose Pattern
Dark Chocolate – Pink Rose Pattern
Dark Chocolate – Pink Rose PatternDark Chocolate – Pink Rose Pattern

Dark Chocolate – Pink Rose Pattern

At my youngest son’s 12th birthday party, while his face glowed behind the lovely cake we had baked together, I watched the grotesquely villainous waxy little candles killing themselves on the freshly whipped icing. Generic, mass-produced, and entirely artificial, the candles didn’t deserve the pedestal upon which they puddled.

I’m trained as an architect – devoted to details, and birthday candles were ripe for revision. Thus began my journey to improve upon a tired tradition.

Let Them Eat Candles® are the delicious exclamation point for every celebration. A gift-ready box of 3 candles. Why a box of three? Three candles allow reflection and celebration for one’s Past, Present & Future. If your celebrant prefers one/year + one for good luck, pass out matches. Otherwise, by the time you’re lighting candle six, candle one will be self-extinguishing. Quality over quantity.

Holiday and custom designs available. Any image you have the rights to use can be knockout custom candles. This awesome option has restrictions.

We will gladly wrap and ship candles to the special people in your life, and we’ll make a donation to Icing Smiles, Inc. to make your thoughtful gift even sweeter.

Acknowledge and celebrate past, present and future! Delight a teacher, coach or host. Candles aren’t just for kids! 

  • Please do not eat the wick. The wick is paraffin-coated natural cotton. After singing, wishing and blowing, there is only a nub of wick left to remove. Wait a moment before plucking it out or eating around it. Paraffin is FDA approved (and often used to coat fruit).
  • We wish we had a better deal for shipping. Let Them Eat Candles® are premium chocolate. They melt in hot delivery trucks and in sun-drenched mailboxes if not properly protected. So between approximately May 15 - October 15, candles must be shipped 2-day or overnight, and must include "keep cool" supplies. Please encourage your local shop to place a wholesale order so your candles can carpool.
  • Domestic shipping only.
  • 2014 Martha Stewart American Made Wildcard Finalist
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What’s better than birthday cake? One topped with edible candles made from chocolate. Founder Loree Sandler thought typical birthday candles weren’t festive (or tasty) enough. Plus, as soon as the song is sung, they get thrown out. Sing a round... More »
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