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Doodle Your Toys
Doodle Your Toys
Doodle Your Toys
Doodle Your ToysDoodle Your Toys

Doodle Your Toys

All of our toys are custom handmade as a unique products based on a drawings we recieve from you.

If you have any special request regarding a size, please mention it when you send your message on our Facebook page or email to us. 

$65.00 - Standard size / $85 - Large size toy
  • Size of a toy you chose - size details are in Pricing.
  • We will send you a photo of the finished toy so you can give us your opinion and to confirm us if you’re pleased with the result of our work.
  • We ship worldwide!
  • If you have any special requests regarding your custom toy, or if you want us to pay attention to any specific detail (size, color, materials, etc.), be sure you let us know about that, so we could make a plush toy that is fully in line with your expectations.
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We make custom stuffed toys based on your children’s imagination. Send us a photo of doodle, artwork, sketch, cartoon or any kind of drawing and we’re going to turn it into your child’s personalized toy. 
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