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Fake TV – 11
Fake TV – 11
Fake TV – 11Fake TV – 11Fake TV – 11

Fake TV – 11

FakeTV Looks “Alive”

A FakeTV produces exactly the same sort of light a real television makes. FakeTV does not make a picture, but makes light as if it did. FakeTV simulates the light from scene changes, color shifts, on screen motion, and other television effects. So when you see the light from FakeTV flickering through the curtains, it looks just like light from a real TV that is constantly changing. It shifts in color and intensity, and gives the impression of motion. You see it, and know (or think you know) what produced it.

An Operating Televisions says “People Home”

Try this yourself: look around at the windows in your neighborhood after dusk, and you will likely find one emanating the telltale flickering glow of a television. Now does it even occur to you that the home might not be occupied? We didn’t think so! If you were looking to break into a house, would you pick that one, or keep looking?

FakeTV gives the impression of “people home”, and that makes your home an unappealing target for a break in.

Our new model FTV-11 is more than three times brighter than our FTV-10. This makes for an even better “people are home!” impression when viewed from outside.

– Deters burglars
– Use any time you are gone for the evening
– Perfect for vacations
– Home alone? Make it look like someone is in the next room
– Make a vacation home or vacant property look lived-in 

  • Our product is unconditionally guaranteed
  • FTV-10 also available in neighborhood watch packs of 10 units for $249.50
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Hydreon Corporation is a technology company, and our focus is engineering. Sure, we respond to the market, but we mostly just work at what we know how to do. We know how to do sensing, control, and optics. Our goal... More »
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