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Fridge Coaster
Fridge Coasters
Fridge Coasters
Fridge CoastersFridge Coasters

Fridge Coasters

Deep in the belly of your fridge is something that appears to be a science experiment gone terribly wrong. Was it- a tomato? A hunk of cheese? Whatever past life said object experienced is now irrelevant, it’s morphed into something that you’ll need to scrape out and scrub up. Each fun, colorful, absorbent “liner” is sized to fit your refrigerator shelves, crisper bins and door bins. When dressing drips or salsa spills, simply spong them off or pull up the recyclable, biodegradable Fridge Coaster and replace with another. Even better, the bright, colorful designs add a kick to kitchen décor and help keep fruits and veggies fresh longer when placed in crisper drawers. It’s functional fashion for your fridge!

  • Each pack includes TWO super absorbent coasters
  • Available in 6 colors and 3 patterns
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It was while Ben Rudnick was sponging off the rings a baby bottle had left on his refrigerator shelf that inspiration struck. When he and his wife were not satisfied with the non-functional fridge liner products on the market, they... More »
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