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Archie McPhee
I Love You Egg Shaper
I Love You Egg Shaper
I Love You Egg ShaperI Love You Egg ShaperI Love You Egg ShaperI Love You Egg Shaper

I Love You Egg Shaper


You could say “I love you” with a diamond ring or flowers, but why be like everybody else? This egg shaper turns a bland breakfast into a heart-shaped bundle of cholesterol that expresses exactly how you really feel. Each 4-3/4″ x 4″ Teflon® coated egg shaper produces perfect heart-shaped fried EGGS, PANCAKES, TOAST or COOKIES. It even has a handy wooden handle that flips down for easy storage. Perfect for breakfast in bed. 

  • 4-3/4" x 4" Teflon© coated egg shaper
  • Folding wooden handle for easy storage
  • Produces perfect heart-shaped foods
  • Turn any meal into a cute romantic gesture
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Archie McPhee is a Seattle-based novelty dealer owned by Mark Pahlow. Begun in the 1970s in Los Angeles as the mail-order business Accoutrements, in 1983 it opened a retail outlet dubbed “Archie McPhee” after Pahlow’s wife’s great-uncle.[1] From the hilarious... More »
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