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Icybreeze Frost Package
Icybreeze Frost Package
Icybreeze Frost PackageIcybreeze Frost PackageIcybreeze Frost Package

Icybreeze Frost Package


The IcyBreeze is a portable air conditioner + cooler in one! The Frost Package is our entry level IcyBreeze package, including all the same great cooling features of all of our personal air conditioner coolers but without the added accessories. All IcyBreeze units are battery powered for total mobile cooling.

Where do you use it? The better question is where wouldn’t you use it? The IcyBreeze is perfect for campers, boaters, recreational sports, family sports, pilots, surveillance professionals, and tailgaters. Discover more great uses for a personal portable air conditioner.

What makes IcyBreeze so great? You can take the cool air with you. How cool is that! Simply fill the IceBreeze cooler with ice and a little water. Turn it on, and point the breeze in the direction of your choice. PLUS, the IcyBreeze doubles as a powerfully-efficient cooler, keeping food and drinks cold for hours.

  • Frost Package Accessories Included: 110V wall charger
  • A generous 38 quarts of cooler space for drinks & ice
  • Three-speed, high-powered fan keeps you cool
  • 12-Volt rechargeable battery lasts up to 7 hours on lowest fan speed
  • Directional flexi-hose blows the breeze exactly where you want it
  • Ergonomic handle and multiple lift points make transportation easy
  • Large wheels roll over a variety of terrains
  • Wide drain for emptying contents after use
  • Thick, insulated sidewalls keep contents cold longer
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The driving force behind the IcyBreeze is an innovative design that allows air to be pulled in through unique hidden vents around the top of the unit. Cold water is drawn up into the sophisticated heat exchanger in the unit’s... More »
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