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Levears Earring Lifts
Levears Earring Lifts
Levears Earring LiftsLevears Earring LiftsLevears Earring LiftsLevears Earring Lifts

Levears Earring Lifts

Tired of droopy earrings?

Levears give your ears the support they need to make your earrings look great and feel secure. They leverage the part of your ear above the pierced hole, automatically giving your earrings a lift to make them stand upright.

They make your ears look young and fresh, and provide support to help avoid stretching of your earlobes over time. Levears work for every type of post earring: light or heavy, big or small, hanging or stud earrings.

Since no two ears are the same, Levears are designed with a Left and a Right back. They conform to the shape of your ears, making the earring fit just right on each side. 

$49.99 for Sterling Silver, $175 for Gold
  • Instant Earring lift
  • Sterling Silver, 14K Gold, 14K White Gold
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I have been in the retail jewelry business for over 30 years. In that time I have observed customers of all ages struggle with various earring problems. For some, their piercing was not in the right place, for others their... More »
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