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The Combo Pack contains two MIDDI MAGGIES, two silver Original Plates, and two gold Original Plates. This group of products allows you to try different styles, at the same time! Both the ring and the magnetic ball are made of nickel coated steel. MIDDI MAGGIES work well with most fabrics, but are fashionable for all looks! The magnetic ball should be worn on the inside (except when worn with the protective Fashion Plates) and the ring on the outside. This will prevent the magnetic ball from being attracted to metal objects such as cars or shopping carts.

MAGGIES come in three sizes, MINNI, MIDDI, and MEGGA. The MINNI MAGGIE is perfect for lightweight, or thin fabrics, while the MIDDI MAGGIE works on light or medium fabrics. The MEGGA works better on heavy fabrics. Having this variety of sizes allows you to wear any of the styles shown. Two MAGGIES are necessary to make jacket designs or some top designs.

Maggies are functional and not intended as jewelry. They are designed to be worn in ways to enhance your clothing. If you wish to decorate the ring it may be painted or embellished to suit your personal taste.

Ideally, store them in the plastic box in which they came. This will prevent them from becoming entangled with your jewelry. Alternatively, always put them in the same place in your closet. Anything metal makes an ideal storage venue where they will be comfortable and easily found!

NOTE: Maggies are designed to be worn on the inside of your clothing. If the ball Magnet is worn on the outside of your garment, there is a risk of loss to metal objects. Maggie Fashion Plates provide a protective layer to the magnet to prevent attraction to external metal objects. 

  • Maggies are not a toy, and should not be used by children. In case of ingestion, seek immediate medical attention. Not advised for pacemaker wearers.
  • The MAGGIES products are protected by U.S. Patent No. 9,320,328 in the United States.
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Who’s Behind Maggies? Margaret Sinclair, Designer & Inventor Born in Australia, Margaret has lived more than half of her life in Dallas since moving to the U.S.A. in 1971. She began her career in Australia where she graduated as a... More »
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