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Fairytale Wishes, Inc.
Monster Repellent Spray
Monster Repellent Spray
Monster Repellent SprayMonster Repellent Spray

Monster Repellent Spray

Did you know that monsters are terrified of Bubblegum? It gets in their fur and
their tentacles and gets really icky. The scent alone scares them away! Just spray
the “magic” bubblegum scented spray made from naturally derived ingredients
anywhere you think a monster, a bed bug, or anything that goes bump in the
night might lurk. And put the fear of monsters to rest.

  • A little tale for you to share with your child, while they spray Monster Repellant around their room, is included with every bottle.
  • Winners of numerous awards including Dr. Toy's Best Pick, multiple Product of the Year awards and Top Choice award from Creative Child Magazine and Winner of Kids Category by The Next Big Zing and more...
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All of the products at Fairytale Wishes, Inc. were conceived and developed by Mompreneur, Debbie Glickman. After searching for remedies to help my two young children to overcome common childhood anxieties such as sleeplessness, fear of monsters under the bed,... More »
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