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Moon Rover
Moon Rover
Moon RoverMoon RoverMoon Rover

Moon Rover

Every child views the world in his or her own way. Our toys are designed to stimulate imaginations and nurture the thinking skills that make each child-and toy-unique.

TOYISH toys combine crafts and building, creating and re-creating, right brain and left brain thinking. They encourage players to look at things differently, break the rules, and put pieces together in new ways. They make kids wonder. Think. Laugh. And they make them want to keep on playing.

We supply the inspiration. Kids bring the toys to life. Anything goes.

Exploring the moon is tough going. A moon rover needs powerful engines, a solar research unit with a radar and camera, and a robotic arm to collect samples to bring home. Who’s driving? Uh-oh, looks like an alien!

The best part of flying in space is floating with no gravity. The worst part is I miss my dog! Slip Astronaut Andrea into her seat to secure the base and body of each vehicle.

This Moon Rover lets kids build and paint their very own spaceship.

Pre-order will open soon! Enter your contact details and we’ll notify you as soon as our toys start rolling. 

  • Ages 3 and up.
  • reddot award 2015 winner
  • 2015 Best in Play Award
  • Fatherly top ten coolest toys from 2015 International Toy Fair
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Toyish is a play studio that makes toys to spark imagination. We approach each project with the understanding that play is how kids learn about the world. Curiosity, imagination, experimentation, and re-do’s are all part of our DNA. Then we... More »
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