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Hot Girls Pearls
Moonlight Cooling Pearl Necklace
Moonlight Cooling Pearl Necklace
Moonlight Cooling Pearl NecklaceMoonlight Cooling Pearl NecklaceMoonlight Cooling Pearl Necklace

Moonlight Cooling Pearl Necklace

The clock is ticking and you’re beyond late for the party! Despite just having stepped out of the shower, you’re already showing signs of wilting. Although the sun went down hours ago, it’s still blistering hot outside. The last thing you want to do is slip into that little satin number that looked so cool in the store. While you want to look hot… you don’t want to feel hot.

All that will change, after you remove your HOT GIRLS PEARLS from the freezer. Just fasten the dazzling magnetic clasp of the 16” Choker Length Necklace from the Evening Coollection™. Ahhh… now that’s a relief! No one will ever know how you stay so cool. When you make your entrance, expect friends to rave about the pearls’ elegant grey-black metallic sheen, and those adorable sparkling roundels between each cooling pearl. They’ll be so jealous. We’ll never tell.

The back of the neck and inside of the wrists, generally feel the heat first. When placing icy HOT GIRLS PEARLS on those spots, you’ll notice an immediate drop in your body temperature.

Filled with a non-toxic cooling gel (as found in a baby’s teething ring or an ice pack), HOT GIRLS PEARLS are a beautiful and stylish way to look calm, cool, and collected. Bonus! No one will ever know your little secret—unless, of course, you tell them. But, we believe you’ll be so thrilled with the cooling relief of HOT GIRLS PEARLS … you’ll want to shout from the rooftops, “I feel great!”

Ultra-durable HOT GIRLS PEARLS’ necklaces are hand assembled from the highest quality materials. Our sparkling magnetic clasps firmly fasten the pearls in place, yet are easy to put on and remove. As a matter of fact, it’s highly recommended that you slide the magnets apart, rather than pulling, as it will be much easier to separate the two halves. Strung on a sturdy Nylon coated stainless steel wire to ensure pearls will remain as fashionable and functional as the day you bought them.

Freeze, wear, and repeat! Simply freeze your pearls for about three to four hours. Then, remove from the freezer, fasten the magnetic clasp and let the cooling begin. When you’re on the go, slip your HOT GIRLS PEARLS into the optional insulated Travel Purse (complete with handy ice pack), and discreetly carry them in your handbag, briefcase or tote. The Travel Purse keeps your HOT GIRLS PEARLS cool for hours … so when you need them … they’re ready! 

  • 16" Length
  • Great for: Overheating, Menopause, Fever, Hot Flashes, Pregnancy, Summer Heat, and Medical Conditions
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Just like a pearl in an oyster shell, HOT GIRLS PEARLS was one of those hidden gems waiting to be discovered. The out-of-the-shell moment came when creator Constance Sherman needed a natural cure for hot flashes caused by menopause… and... More »
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