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Cubify 3D Systems / The Sugar Lab
Neon ombre sours
Neon ombre sours
Neon ombre soursNeon ombre soursNeon ombre sours

Neon ombre sours

Sporting daring blended hues and a tart blackberry flavor, these rad little candies are the ultimate party favor. Our neon ombre sours are chewy with a delicate candy shell and a bold tart blackberry flavor. A set is a baker’s dozen; six pairs of unique 3D printed geometries, plus one extra. Several of these shapes are kinetic, with internal, rattling parts or loosely interlocked links.

Each 3D printed sour blackberry candy measures roughly 1” cubed, and is made using a recipe of common candy ingredients.

  • Limited US shipping availability.
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Cubify is the central hub for all things possible with the 3D printed lifestyle. Cubify offers everything from co-creation with favorite brands, a curated shopping experience centered around personalized fashion, décor, toys and more, a community inspiring the latest in... More »
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